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At WATZS Productions we uphold our values above individual talents and or skills.

"We curate stories. We value the craft of storytelling. We seek to collaborate with other creatives who share the same values. Serious and professional creatives who understand and respect the process of storytelling are creatives we seek to align with."

Everything we lead, curate and develop is guided by our belief and our three core principles "integrity, patience and respect", it's how we connect with one another and authenticate our overall vision for our productions, often the untold but equally deserving stories of Black life.  


Kalisha Zachery 

Founder and Co-owner 



A producer, co-writer and marketer, Kalisha Zachery a native of Tulsa, OK has spent the last 14 years constructing over a hundred events in 14 states across the nation including four countries across the globe in addition to multiple film productions. She co-founded WATZS Productions with her sister and business partner Kachelle Zachery, where their vision is to develop and curate positive and balanced depictions of minority character driven stories through motion pictures, network television and or streaming services. 

Kachelle Zachery 

Founder and Co-owner 

Creative Director 

Writer and Director Kachelle Zachery grew up in Tulsa, OK and moved to Raleigh, NC in 1998 to attend Shaw University, after two years and still undecided about a major she quickly learned that her heart and focus was more rooted in creative productions and writing. With that discovery she made her way to Dallas, TX in 2004 where she eventually started her own production company in 2008 alongside her sister and business partner Kalisha Zachery. Their passion, patented process and dedication for high quality productions is the heart and intention of every experience they create.

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