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WATZS Productions places a strong emphasis on our values, prioritizing them over individual talents or skills. Our focus is on curating compelling stories and the art of storytelling. We strive to collaborate with like-minded creatives who share these values, seeking out professionals who understand and respect the process of storytelling.


Our belief in integrity, patience, and respect guides everything we do, allowing us to connect with one another and bring to life the often overlooked but equally significant narratives of Black life.


Kalisha Zachery 

Founder and Co-owner 



Kalisha Zachery, a native of Tulsa, OK, is a highly experienced producer, co-writer, and marketer. Over the past 15 years, she has successfully organized and managed multiple film productions. Together with her sister and business partner Kachelle Zachery, she co-founded WATZS Productions with the vision of creating and promoting positive and authentic portrayals of minority characters through motion pictures, network television, and streaming services. Their dedication to developing and curating these stories is truly admirable.

Kachelle Zachery 

Founder and Co-owner 

Creative Director 

Kachelle Zachery, a dedicated filmmaker with a strong focus on artistic expression and original narratives, has written and directed the captivating drama series Frame of Reference. Through the curation of thought-provoking content, her goal is to inspire, educate, and uplift audiences. By exploring the rich diversity and individual experiences within Black American life, Kachelle Zachery contributes to the important process of reconciling Black storytelling.

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