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It Doesn’t Work That Way.. The WATZS Podcast

WATZS Pod is pleased to announce the launch of "It Doesn’t Work That Way Podcast" coming summer 2024. The bi-weekly series will be hosted by Kalisha Zachery and Kachelle Zachery, exploring critical conversations in media, film, television, business sectors, and general life themes. The podcast aims to shed light on pivotal experiences and challenges faced within these fields.


"It Doesn't Work That Way Podcast" offers an in-depth exploration of pivotal moments and processes within the spheres of life, purpose and career to name a few. The podcast is dedicated to examining how skills are developed, honed, and aligned with one's vision while maintaining integrity, patience, and respect.


Through compelling storytelling, we connect real-world examples that illustrate both successful and flawed methodologies around life’s ambitions, contemporary challenges faced by dreamers and visionaries today. Each episode promotes meaningful discussion on pressing issues affecting our artistic and professional landscapes. Segments within each episode provide a deeper analysis of these topics, enhancing the discourse's depth and relevance for our listeners.

Until then hear the inspiration behind the mood and the sounds that inspire the creative team here at WATZS Productions. 

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