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Project and audition details below!

Non Union Production

Summer 2023

Dallas, TX

Casting “Found” a new short film by Mica Muir, winner of the 2022 WATZS POCC (people of color creative) Writing Initiative.

PLEASE NOTE: FOUND will shoot in Dallas, TX in Summer 2023. This is a national casting call. You do NOT need to be based in Dallas, TX to audition.

Cassie -

Late 20s /African American female; a part-time dancer who also works a typical, lackluster 9-to-5 office job. She is the daughter of Cheyenne and Hugh, and has a younger brother named Tyler. She is the child of immigrant parents, who were able to establish an adequate life in the U.S., but could not fully assimilate to American culture, which created an unstable environment that catalyzed unhealthy behaviors.

Savannah (a.k.a. SAVVY) -

Early 20s – Black/African American female; a recent college graduate who wants to pursue dancing/performance art as a career. She is hopeful, driven and is from a supportive family. She’s an only child, which is why she was drawn to a career in the arts: it provides a sense of community that she desired. She met Cassie through dance, and they’ve developed an endearing sisterly bond.

Tyler -

Early-mid 20s – Black/African American male; fitness/wellness instructor who occasionally moonlights as a delivery worker (i.e., Uber/Lyft driver, DoorDasher, etc.). He is the son of Hugh and Cheyenne, and Cassie’s younger brother. Cassie and Tyler have a very close bond because of their upbringing. He struggles with body dysmorphia and is in the process of reclaiming his bodily autonomy/agency. He likes to keep his circle small—mainly his partner and Cassie.

Hugh -

Mid-late 50s – Black/Afro-Caribbean male; a handyman/repairman from the Caribbean/West Indies. He grew up in a strict household with a large family. Despite being surrounded by many family members, he never felt comfortable or “at home.” He spent most of his young adult life moving around to different countries with very little means, until he finally met Cheyenne in the States, married, and became a father of two by 30 years old.

Linda -

Mid 40s – Black/African American female; an instructor/creative director of her own dance and theater company. She is a former professional dancer who had big dreams of running her own company and has very militaristic approach to training her dancers. She demands the best from her students and is unapologetic about it.


Please email us at with your headshot, bio and link to your reel if available. Please submit your interest email with the following subject: POCC Found Audition Request (First Name, Last Name) you must indicate which character you are interested in auditioning for in the body of the email.

*please follow the submission directions as instructed for consideration.




Any other company or web site charging actors to submit their self tape or video audition is not approved by the WATZS casting department or director. Please send an email to if you know of any other web site claiming to be accepting auditions for this project.

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