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The Zachery Sisters on Forbes BLK, BLK Act, the stage, the screen and behind the scenes..

Updated: Mar 18

Author: Forbes BLK panel discussion on the BLK Act

LINKEDIN — "As visual storytellers, we don't allow the culture of competition to enter our artistic creative space. There are 7.9 billion people in the world who are potential viewers, who are waiting to see authentic representation of themselves, and who desire for their stories to be told. There is a strong need for more Black independent producers and thus no room for competition."

"We understand that there are written and unwritten rules in Hollywood that shape how Black Americans are protrayed in scripted television."

"Those stories tend to over index on guns, violence, sex and drugs when depicting Black Americans. Our mission at WATZS Productions is very clear. We are dedicated to premium visual media creation featuring diversity, specifically Black American and minority character driven stories that disrupt the status quo and toxic norms."

Forbes BLK panel discussion on the BLK Act curated and produced by the ForbesBLK NY Local Advisory Council- 2024 BLKHistory Virtual Series. Watch the playback HERE.

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