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POCC Initiative, Submit Your Script!

Updated: Jun 4

Do you have an original script? Is it your absolute best? Do you believe in yourself and abilities? Are you willing to invest in the time to create your film?

If so, we want to connect with you! Someone is waiting on you, someone that can relate, someone who needs to be seen and only you have that story, that experience that could change someone’s life!! You have a story to tell and it deserves to be heard!!

Our People of Color Creative writing initiative is OPEN - STORYTELLERS SUBMIT YOUR SCRIPT!

To all Black and IPOC screen writers…


The WATZS POCC (people of color creative) Symposium was created in 2019 with Black and IPOC creatives in mind. To all of our Black and IPOC creative writers, crew and cast members we want to support you in a unique way, by providing opportunities to learn, develop, and grow!


Through our POCC Symposium each year we provide a space to educate Black and IPOC creatives on the film industry! In addition to that each year a selected script-story is chosen through our POCC Writing Initiative where it is funded and fully produced by WATZS Productions!

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