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WATZS Writers Search

Sunday November 12, 2023

Our Executive Producers are currently seeking a 15-minute short film that explores the themes of drama, suspense, and romance within the context of Black and minority life.

The short should aim to dismantle stereotypes and toxic norms while shedding light on real-life experiences. We are particularly interested in receiving screenplays from writers of color based in the U.S. suitable within a $20k budget for filming in 2024.

The objective of the WATZS Writers Search is to facilitate a connection between minority writers and the minority filming community, presenting them with an exclusive opportunity.

This opportunity allows them to produce high-quality content and engage in fruitful collaborations with WATZS Productions. WATZS Productions, LLC will produce and executive produce a chosen script, covering the financial and filming aspects. Upon completion of the project, the selected writer will gain full ownership of the final product.


You must register with us by clicking HERE before you can submit any materials. Please do not send or provide any materials in any form to WATZS Productions or any of its employees or contractors outside of the registrations process. Any materials submitted without a registration will be immediately rejected.

What we do not accept?

  • Unregistered materials.

  • Overseas registrations, you must be a U.S. citizen. You may be a non-American-born writer, but you must be a resident in the U.S.

  • Registrations from writers who are under the age of 21.

  • Multiple registrations from the same writer.

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