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Meet the Zachery Sisters

Updated: Mar 12

Author: Canvas Rebel

DALLAS — Zachery Sisters, we appreciate you joining us today. How did you learn to do what you do? Knowing what you know now, what could you have done to speed up your learning process? What skills do you think were most essential? What obstacles stood in the way of learning more?

As producers and filmmakers, we understand the importance of thorough planning for both expected and unexpected scenarios.

Over our fifteen years in the industry, we have continuously honed our skills and embraced a meticulous approach that values patience, integrity, and respect - principles that define our work.

These values transcend all aspects of media production as well as storytelling itself. Ultimately, what sets us apart in this field is our unwavering commitment to knowing 'our why' - our purpose for curating stories. Serving as our true north, this guiding light propels us toward achieving our goals and reaching our destination.

At WATZS Productions, our why revolves around dismantling stereotypes through visual narratives. As Black women and filmmakers, we recognize the responsibility we hold in ensuring accurate portrayals of Black and minority characters on screen - a mission that drives our vision forward. Click HERE to check out the full article.

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