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New WFAA+ show aims to change how Black and minority voices are shared on TV

Updated: Mar 19

Author: Tashara Parker

DALLAS — Kalisha Zachery and Kachelle Zachery, the Tulsa-born sisters behind the Dallas-based film and television production house WATZS Productions, took five years to write, develop and start shooting their latest project, "Frame of Reference."

Now Kachelle, the writer and director half of the duo, and Kalisha, the executive producer in the pair, hope their long-gestating vision will find the right audience as their eight-part scripted series makes its limited-run premiere on WFAA's Roku- and Amazon Fire-available streaming app, WFAA+.

"As the writer of this series, I let my memories guide every scene, every character," Kachelle said. "A lot of people ask me like, 'How did you come up with all these characters?' Life. Just living in real life."

From colorism to prison reform to living life as a Black American, there’s no shortage of issues covered in their latest drama.

"When you see people that look like you, it affirms you," Kachelle said. "And that's why I think it's so important that I did that in the series. I don't think we give enough credit to visual media. It's powerful. And then, when you see yourself, and you see yourself balanced and portrayed correctly... we are very nuanced people. We are not monolithic. There are layers to our existence. I think it does even more change agent work."

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