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Various Locations / Contract Assignment 

Photography, Special events 

Photography, Special events @ WATZS (Various Locations) 

NYC March 23, 2024 
Tulsa April 19 - 20, 2

Dallas May 16, 2024

Los Angeles June 22, 2024

Atlanta August 10, 2024


Assignment Responsibilities:

  • Provide dynamic and cut-through photography support in close collaboration with the Creative Director 

  • Execute specified assignments with flawless attention to detail 

  • Comfortable collaborating with creative teams

  • Proactively contribute to team and inter-departmental brainstorms, offering insight from a creative level perspective

Skill Set & Qualifications:

  • We are specifically seeking minority photographers who can bring a fresh perspective to the project and provide a diverse representation of the art community.

  • Familiarity with the artistic styles of Basquiat and Warhol is essential. We want you to infuse their influence into your photography.

  • Experience in event photography is preferred, but not mandatory. We value creativity and passion above all.

WATZS, is looking to hire local photographers who can capture the essence of the 80's art culture with a style reminiscent of Basquiat x Warhol. We have upcoming events in the cities of New York, Tulsa, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, and we want your unique vision to bring it to life.


This event is a celebration of the vibrant art scene that emerged during the 80's, with a particular focus on the dynamic intersection of the artistic styles of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol. We want the photographer to reflect the energy, creativity, and boldness that characterized their work.


As a photographer for this event, you will have the opportunity to showcase your talent and creativity while capturing the unique moments that unfold. Your photographs will not only document the event but also become a visual representation of the fusion of art and culture that defined the 80's. Our target pay for this assignment is $125.00 per hour per project day. We are seeking local photographers in each listed city. 

WATZS Productions is a media company headquartered in Dallas, TX that is committed to creating top-notch visual media with a focus on diversity. Our goal is to tell compelling stories featuring Black American and minority characters that challenge the existing norms and toxic narratives. As a leading media house, we specialize in all aspects of visual media creation, including production, financing, writing, casting, and distribution. With our double minority ownership (Black women), we are dedicated to delivering high-quality and impactful visual media to our audience. WATZS Productions is the global media company behind the television project Frame of Reference. 

All valid links to open WATZS assignment opportunities can be found at or the Company's official Linkedin page and official recruiting communications will come only through emails from the domain


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